Wife bought me a chuck style rotary, need help setting up

Hey guys,
The wife bought me a chuck style rotary and I am needing some assistance with setting it up in LB
Seller provided these number but I am not exactly sure what I need to put in the rotary setup sections…

Specifications :
Tooth form: Mxl
Insulation grade: A
Step angle: 1.8°±0.09°
Pitch circle: φ12.936
Material of pulley: H62
Number of teeth: Z=24
Pitch of teeth :P=2.032
Outer circle: φ12.428±0.003
Rated current: DC 1A/Phase
Detent rorque: 320g.Cm Ref.
Electrical strength: Ac600v/1ma/1s
Ratio: 1:3 synchronous pulley induction
The maximum static torque>=780mn.M
Inductance (1khz): 30×(1±20%)Mh/Phase
Maximum no-loadstart frequency>=1500 Pps
Swing( Shaft To See ): A-Ab-B-clockwise direction
Maximum no-load running frequency>=2500pps

Hope someone can help

What kind of controller are you running?

Ruida controller. I have a yellow and black 7050, 50w. I unplug the Y axis from a 4 pin plug and plug the rotary in to it.

So far, the two important bits I see are 1.8 degree step angle (200 steps per rotation) and 3:1 pulley reduction. Without any micro-stepping, that’s have 600 steps per rotation.

The Y axis driver in your Ruida will be set to use micro-stepping - likely 10:1 or 16:1, so you could try 6000 (10:1) or 9600 (16:1) as an initial guess for the Steps per Rotation value in the rotary screen.

Choose the chuck style rotary, and then, as a test, set an arbitrary value for Circumference, make a rectangle that’s that tall, and run it using ‘Current Position’ mode on the rotary. It should make one perfect rotation and then go back again. If it doesn’t, the steps count is off. If it doesn’t make a full 360 rotation, you need a larger step count. If it overshoots, you need a lower one.

Does that make sense? If any of that isn’t clear, let me know.

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Arbitrary value like 254mm?

Yes, pretty much any number that’s smaller than the Y axis length of your machine. I usually use 100mm just because it’s easy.

ok, cool, Thanks!

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