Wifi Connection Problem

I use your LightBurn software with a Orion Motor Tech 50W CO2 Laser. The laser has a Ruida Controller. I have had it setup via ethernet directly plugged into a TP-Link Ethernet Switch. I used the setup process in the software using the IP Address of the laser and it worked great so I was able to use my Macbook wireless connection to the laser.

I moved the laser and now attempted to connect the ethernet cable to one of the Child Nodes as part of my Linksys wireless mesh network. The laser no longer has a connection. However these nodes have 2 ethernet ports on the back and work for any device that requires a wired connection, essentially turning them into a wireless device. From research it seems the laser should act the same way and connect to lightburn? Are there any other settings I would need to change to use this connection? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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