Will a TopWisdom controller work with LightBurn?

Just received my new laser today, but has a different panel than my other. Will it work with lightburn??

It says TL-410C on the controller box.

I searched the forum and saw that it has no support, has this changed, I saw some Lightburn posts that they were working on it.

If not would it be easier to upgrade to Ruida? Doesn’t look like this has Ethernet, I really want Ethernet.

As of today, it is not supported. But things move fast in the LightBurn world, I am sure @LightBurn will be able to let you know more of when to expect LightBurn to work with that controller.

Just ordered a Ruida Controller I figured since my other laser cutters have it I’ll just switch to that.

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Not ready yet, but getting closer:


Hey Oz, thanks for your hard work!
Can you help us in a timeframe what “getting closer” could mean in days/weeks?

Today our 2nd and 3rd laser arrived, were told its ruida controllers, pictures shown ruida ones but guess what? They came with TopWisdom ones…
So I have to make the decision send them back and find new ones or waiting for an lightburn update.


The pending release will have partial TopWisdom support, but I need to fill in a bunch of gaps in functionality still, and I’m not sure exactly how long that will take. Likely weeks to as long as a month or two.

I was just about to replace my Topwisdom TL-403cb controller so that I could replace my Autolaser Software with LightBurn. I’m still wondering how much of a performance upgrade I would get by replacing the Topwisdom board with a Ruida Co2 Laser Controller RDC6344G.

I haven’t used the TopWisdom enough yet to be able to say.

I replaced the topwisdom controller with a Ruida controller - it was a really easy swap. Made more sense to do that than move all my files to a new software. Plus I gained ethernet, and large screen.

What version of the Ruida did you use? I was thinking of the touchscreen, RDC6344G. Doesn’t fit in the hole but I can cut that to fit.

Hello. I think I may be jumping the gun a bit here. Keen to move to LightBurn! I think I read that Ruida controllers can now connect, but found my (blue Chinese) machine actually has a Topwisdom TL403CB.
Am I correct in thinking that Topwisdom connectivity is not quite here yet?

LightBurn has worked with ruida controllers from the earliest of days. The TopWisdom controller is the newest to be added to our growing list which also includes Trocen/AWC and a bunch of GCode ones as well. The TopWisdom work has just been released (w/9.05) and will take some time to fill-out completely. You can try it out for 30 days with our free trial.

Thanks very much! I’ll download the trial today. :grin:

I downloaded the trial today and ran a test piece on my Redsail laser with Topwisdom TL-403cb controller. Lightburn discovered my laser pretty quickly the Display’s not working but the laser seems to be burning well… Looking forward to getting rid of that wonderful Autolaser software that comes with the Topwisdom controller. I’ll be spending the next little while learning the basics of Lightburn. I’m still debating installing a Ruida controller. Keep up the good work!

Is the Linux version ready for TopWisdom yet?

I am running LightBurn on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with all the latest updates. Software running great but not seeing machine. I’m using the same serial lead as came with and works with the supplied machine and software.


Does LightBurn have dialout permissions? If not, it won’t be able to use the serial ports.

My mistake. I meant USB.

Hi all, just posting for the first time… REALLY keen to get Lightburn as Autolaser is doing my head in. I’d love to try it even if there are some issues. Thanks in advance, Colin

No mistake - If you don’t add LightBurn to the dialout permission group on Linux, it won’t be able to see the ports. It’s serial over USB.