Will Double Click to open a file be fixed in OSX?

There is currently a known issue with double clicking an existing LightBurn file on OSX where it opens a blank file. I know this is addressed on the forums but I couldn’t find if LightBurn has plans to fix the bug. Could someone let me know when this will be fixed?

I have tried a couple of times to figure out why this doesn’t work and I’m drawing a blank. Everything I can find suggests that it should be working already, but for some reason, OSX is not giving me the open event for the file after launching the app. Since it affects a low percentage of users, and there are easy workarounds, it’s not a huge priority, but yes, it’s on the list to fix.

So, more because this has always irritated me than anything else, I did a bunch of digging. I found a few errors in the structure of the data file that describes LightBurn projects to OSX, and a couple in the way events are handled from the OS. It will now open a file if LightBurn is already running but it still doesn’t work “cold”, IE if LightBurn isn’t running already. Still trying to figure out why, but I’ll likely revisit soon.

It’s really maddening to work on this, because I can’t run it from a debugger to see what’s wrong - the OS has to launch it for me, so I can’t inspect any of the application state in the usual way.

Figured it out. Will be in the next release. 3 hours - that’s a silly amount of time for something so simple.


Awesome! So glad to hear!! I look forward to the update as this little bug is a pain! Thank you!

And that is why LightBurn rocks, you go the extra mile to do things right.

Glad to hear that! Is the next release scheduled yet?

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Awesome! Thank you so much!

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