Will lightburn do more videos for Galvo?

Will lightburn make more videos for Galvo to better understand the relationship between, Power, speed, frequency, and hatch to make engravings?

Yes! We have a fairly well-loaded content schedule, more galvo videos will happen in the future.

Also is it possible to slow some of these videos down? and show a close up of menu options selected? I have watched some of the videos now and they are good but I still have no idea how frequency works or common settings. A basic overview to do a first engraving would be great, is it download software, red dot alignment and then laser alignment. I cant say I am totally clear because the videos seem to randomly ordered. Don’t get me wrong I do appreciate the support you guys give just making some suggestions.

How to a material test, how to make an item in colour etc. From my searches youtube is very light on lightburn galvo guides so I guess many such videos would also bring awareness of lightburn.

You can see all our official content here: LightBurn Software - YouTube

If you click the gear icon at the bottom of the videos you can reduce the playback speed as needed.

Have a look at this from the nice folks at Laser Everything.

LightBurn for Galvo Crash Course - Laser Everything™

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