Will lightburn work with this machine

hi, i am considering a 60w laser as my k40 lasted about a week before it burnt the tube out , would lightburn work with this laser, the seller made no sense to my question he said i need a lower file version to work it ?

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Depends on what controller you have. If it’s the stock M2 Nano that comes with a high percentage of Chinese Lasers, then the answer is no. However if you want to investor more money into a controller like Cohesion3D ect ect then it will work… Check their website for the list of controllers that will work. I just read what controller comes with it and it is a DSP so it’s highly likely you are in luck and Lighburn will work. However get the trial first and check.

In one of the pictures there is a Ruida controller, it works fine with LightBurn.

That’s what I thought just the seller says it only works with old version of lightburn ?

he just needs to guarantee you that it’s a Ruida controller, then LightBurn does the rest :wink:

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Thank you he has confirmed it is Ruida controller

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