Will not stay connected with ethernet on updated 9.22

Lightburn will not stay connected to laser. Nothing has changed since last used. I have restarted both computer and laser. It is hardwired with ethernet. Ever since updating to 9.22 it has been doing this. Any ideas…I am in need of it for a job that is due tomorrow

Download the version of LightBurn that worked for you and install it again.

Can you describe the symptoms more fully?

‘will not stay connected’ - does the computer still maintain a TCP/IP link with the rest of your network? Can you still ping the controller, even when Lightburn doesn’t indicate a connection? If you run a frame, regardless of whether the software indicates a connection or not, does LB come up with an error?

I have noticed that the app doesn’t always indicate that there is a connection, but it works fine when you send a command to do something.

Screen Shot 2021-04-03 at 1.32.14 PM

Shows ‘disconnected’, but a frame, when sent, performed normally.

There was some things changed for DSP controllers in 0.9.21, using Temporary connections so you can use multiple windows of LightBurn open and send from any of them. So, it won’t keep a persistent connection like it used to. From the release notes on 0.9.21:

And can you describe what’s happening a little more fully? “Will not stay connected” could just mean you’re seeing “Disconnected” in the UI, but might not actually be a problem.

  • What OS / computer type?
  • Is it rejecting file sends or commands?
  • If you right-click the ‘Devices’ button does it reconnect?
  • Has anything in your network config changed?
  • Are you connected direct from the computer to the laser, or through a router or switch?

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