"Wind" pin weird voltage issue rdc6442s

Finally got around to hooking up my laser to my big compressor. The way I understand it, you wire hot to 24v and ground to the “wind” pin. When air assist is enabled on the layer, it’s supposed to connect that pin to ground, completing the circuit and opening the solenoid…

I’ve got something completely weird going on though…

My multimeter is reading about 22v with the machine idle, and then drops to a out 20v when running. It should be going from zero at idle to roughly 24v when cutting, shouldnt it?

The other weird part is, even at idle with those 22v, it’s not enough to trigger the solenoid. But if I move the wire from “wind” to ground, it has no issues triggering the solenoid.

I’ve tried leaving the machine unplugged overnight. I’ve cycled the air assist option and ran a cut, just in case the controller was stuck in some kind of loop (had it happen with rotary enable before). As a last resort, I reset the machine back to factory parameters… no change. The only thing I can think is that my controller’s gone out.

Any one ever experience anything like this?


You don’t specify where you are measuring 22V at, but the normal operation of the solenoid would show 24V at the “wind” pin while idle and close to ground potential while the solenoid is active. If you are measuring from the 24V side of the solenoid you will see essentially 24V no matter what the solenoid is doing.

Since moving the wire from “wind” to ground activates the solenoid I would say the internal switch is bad. It could also be a setting needs to be changed in the controller but I don’t know much about the Ruida controllers so I can’t help you there.

I’m getting 22v with the tester connected to 24v as well as wind… when idle, they should both be outputting a positive voltage and I shouldnt be getting a reading at all, if I’m thinking correctly. No circuit should be completed. And then when the program is running, it should be grounding the wind pin, completing the circuit, and reading 24v on the tester ( or 22v in my case).

Does Lightburn activate this in the controller? I cannot find the setting in the machine settings, and I’d like to make use of this relay, However, when setting the layer to use Air-assist, the relay does not trigger… Has anyone got any additional advice?

What machine and controller? If it is not a Ruida, I suggest starting a new discussion thread.

You need to enable it in the ruida contrioller as well.

Have a look at page 47 of the Ruida manual.

I was able to find the “Other” settings under “Vendor Settings” within RDWorks to toggle the feature in the controller…

This is apparently the method… I wonder if this is something that could be included in Lightburn? To access these additional feature settings?

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I’ve made a note to check this and add them if they aren’t there.

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I do not have that issue using my 6442S controller. Compressor relay is wired between ‘wind’ and +24V.Are you activating the air assistance in the cut settings?
I used it without doing anything after installing lightburn. As soon as the laser starts, the compressor is activated.

My controller had the option disabled in the onboard settings…

From the manual:
Wind . General output for blower control. When the blower control is enabled, this port will output the control signal of the blower…

I’ve added these settings for the next release.


AWESOME… Looking forward to it!