Wind-Relay - possible to switch on by Lightburn without a job

is it possible to switch the wind output ON
for testing (to set pressure at the kompressor)
without starting a job?


See if this solution may work for you:

no problem

i thought may be there is a " Air Assist" test button at the sw


I often have the need to adjust the pressure to specific settings depending on the goal. To do this with my analog pressure gauge, I usually just draw a vector on a separate layer with air assist on and a power level of 0% and a ridiculously slow speed. I then select this and cut selected and adjust the analog regulator.

I’d like to replace the regulator with an Electro-Pneumatic model (electronically controlled / set pressure), but they’re expensive.

I’ll also add these suggestions. If you’re utilizing an air compressor:

  • At a minimum utilize an aftercooler to drop the moisture out of the air. Ideally you would have a refrigerated air dryer inline with the pump output.
  • Utilize a dedicated low range regulator at the laser and keep your compressor’s main regulator at a constant pressure for all of your other tools (95 - 105 psi usually). I use an effective and inexpensive PneumaticPlus PPR2-N02BG-2 at the laser having a 3 - 30 psi range.

Today, I had this bright idea and immediately thought back to this post to show you. Post regulator, I just put in a compression tee. One branch of the tee goes to the laser (as it had been), and the other branch just goes to a little cheap freebie harbor freight blow gun.

It’s such an easy / simple way to effectively adjust the regulator and dial it in to being the expected pressure when the solenoid opens on the job!

I believe you need to wire in a test button. Use 24V and and ground to open your solenoid.

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