Window size saved value gets sometimes corrupted (negative) and workspace disappears

Hello, I’m using it under Linux, no idea if it’s a OS specific issue or not.

I’m sorry I could not find a stable way to trigger this issue but sometimes, the window parameters saved in prefs.ini are corrupted and the result is that next time the workspace window is not properly restored, see pic

The prefs.ini then contains negative sizes

"WindowIsMaximized": true,
"WindowPosX": 0,
"WindowPosY": -37,
"WindowSizeX": -1,
"WindowSizeY": -38,

It happens on a standard layout (after reset to default layout) + the camera tab anchored on the top wigets.
Typically when we pop out the camera tab and anchor it again, it solves the issue (till next time).
If there is no camera tab, the issue never occurs, so it seems somehow related with that widget.

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