Window tabs have disappeared

The various window tabs, e.g. cut/layers, move, console, have disappeared and I cannot figure out how to get them back. Any help will be much appreciated. thanks

All windows can be enable/disabled from Window menu.

If you cannot sort out which window is which, then use Window->Reset to default layout and you should start from the default state.

I understand, but the default state does not show any tabs for switching between windows.

Can you take a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

That is not the default state. You have separated out multiple windows which is why you don’t see the tab controls.

Either dock the windows so that they’re stacked on top of each other or reset to default layout.

To assist with what @berainlb is suggesting, the following is worth review.

yep, docking worked. not sure why set to default did not, but all is good now. thanks much.

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