Windows 10 driver issues

Okay so I have the Ortur 20w LM2 with 1.4 firmware. I’ve been running it fine for a month on my old laptop. My new laptop won’t recognize the laser when it is plugged into USB. No connection tone, not listed in Device Manager, nothing. Lightburn is awaiting connection. I tried a different USB cable, still nothing. I can run it all day long on my old computer, but new computer just will not recognize it. I’ve deleted all the USB hubs from device manager, I’ve turned off allowing windows to put usb to sleep to conserve power. I went into power modes and made sure USB was not affected.

I have gotten my new laptop to connect and run a couple times, but it would disconnect intermittently and stop on a project. I’ve had it give me a device not recognized before and gave a code 43. I’ve installed drivers from Ortur’s site, and now I can’t get Windows to even detect that I plugged it in.

This sounds like it might be time to reach out to the nice folks at Ortur Support for further diagnostics. :slight_smile: