Windows 11 wont run lighburn

Why will lightburn not run on my brand new windows eleven hp laptop. I double click it and literally nothing happens. I wamt to buy the program but not if it does not work. Ive done all the trouble shooting and still get nothing

Are you in Windows S mode ?

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I was in safe mode. Now i got lightburn running and it asks for my laser setup but i wont find my sculpfun s30 laser

Have you loaded ch34x divers?

No idea what that is lol is that somethingi can google and do?

So im trying to install lasergrbl as the driver but its not allowing me to run the program and im not sure what to do now. Ive downloaded all three filed for the lasergrbl program and still nothing.

LaserGRBL is an application, not a driver.

The driver you want is a CH340, which allows the USB to act as a serial port. It is used for a lot of applications and is commonly mentioned

Nothing is instant with lasers. This link should be all you need to get started. Go slow and read everything 3 times.

Considering you have a Sculpfun machine, you might want to write “” in big letters and keep it in front of you.

Awesome!! I cant thank you enough!!

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