Windows are always messed up

I have always had a weird issue with 1/3 lightburn apps on my 3 computers. If i ever close out it seems to revert to default layout but i only use cuts/layers and laser windows. All i want to see. Ill have lots of times where i need to close out then sometimes one window becomes disconnected and i have to “lay it over” one window or it gets large and connects itself again. Then i cant even see the other one. A lot of times i also need to minimize then maximize again because my color palette goes missing. Super annoying. Not sure why this happens.

If the LightBurn prefs are stored on a shared drive, then the prefs for the last LightBurn instance to close will overwrite all the others. If your machines have different screen sizes, that could be all it takes.

The standard license covers two installations. Do you have a three-seat license or is something else going on?

I have a 3 seat license. Two laptops. One desktop. Only one laptop has this issue. Nothing have a shared drive afaik. All files are separate. Each are there own program.

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Unless the laptop has a large-enough screen, this may be one of those cases where it doesn’t have enough pixels for the default LightBurn layout and the windows gets confused.

@JohnJohn knows more about that and (with a ping) may drop in here.

Thanks for the ping Ed. :slight_smile:

We’re right on the edge with some of the very small ones.

I don’t blame you. I’d be annoyed too.

Let’s lean on the settings symptom first.

In LightBurn, with your screen and layout set up the way you like them, click File then click Export Prefs. Save the file somewhere convenient but not in a Shared Folder or a One Drive backup folder. Often ‘My Documents’ gets shared by default and that can be problematic. Removable drives have also caused data loss when directly saving files. We’re still tracking it down.

Please drag and drop that file into the reply box when you reply.

In LightBurn, close out any project you were working on but keep LightBurn Running.

Click File, Click Import Prefs, and import the file you just saved.

This should force LightBurn to look at the directory where the imported prefs were stored and note that as the directory. The Prefs file should show me which directories are being used by LightBurn and hopefully why this unwanted behavior was happening.

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