Windows changing system color depth when loading Lightburn

I’ve encountered an odd problem that when I launch Lightburn 0.9.04 on Windows, the system display color depth goes from 32-bit to 8-bit for all applications. (Thus making most things and icons unreadable.) When I exit Lightburn, the color depth goes back to 32-bit, whaat? I can manually fire up the Intel graphics control panel and change it back to 32-bit while Lightburn is running.

This feels like Windows dorkery, but I don’t even know where to start troubleshooting. It’s a Dell i5, Windows 7 (32-bit), with an Intel HD Graphics 4600 adapter. I’ve tried rebooting, updating the display adapter driver, no change.

Is there anything in Lightburn that could be tickling this behavior? After the last ordeal with my FTDI drivers getting fouled up, I’m really hesitant to try upgrading to the latest version of Lightburn unless there’s a way I can force it not to touch the serial drivers.

Open to ideas!

(Edit: I went ahead and upgraded to Lightburn 0.9.07 after noticing there’s a checkbox to skip installing the FTDI drivers, Windows still does the color depth change)

Ah hah! After Googling for a while I found some suggestions. I right-clicked on my Lightburn icon, went to app Properties, Compatibility, and somehow “Run in 256 colors” was checked.

I have no idea how that could’ve possibly gotten enabled, turned it off, now life is grand again.

I was just going to suggest this. Lol Well done.

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