Windows in the wrong place

I’ve never understood why I have so much trouble engraving in line mode. At one time, most thought it was speed related, and it probably was.

The engraving of the house in line mode looks like it’s suppose to, however; the windows which are on a separate layer “black” in fill mode aren’t where they’re suppose to be. As you can see in LB, they look fine, Tumbler? Not so good.

What did I miss?

Still looks like too much speed or acceleration causing the tumbler to skip on the rollers, thus displacing the rest of the pattern.

That it happens during the transition from one layer to another suggests the G0 move speed may be too high, but review all of the speed settings to ensure they’re all about ¼ whatever you think they should be.

The speed during engraving passes is carefully controlled with the overscan areas on either end, but moves between layers happen at the machine’s maximum ability. If that exceeds the rotary’s traction limit, then the tumbler will slip and the next pattern will start in the wrong place.

Good Day Ed… I’ve never known what the MOVE tab is for, but it was set at 250, 65. I changed it to 20 / 10 and the line and fill are matching up now. Maybe I shouldn’t have looked there, but your comment about move made me think about it.


Sounds like a solution to me! :grin:

AFAICT, @jkwilborn laid down the rule that rotaries work best at single-digit speeds, so if you see more slippage you now know where to look.

Something is not quite right here.

This wouldn’t be relevant for Ruida controllers which @SayCheeze has.

Move window should have no effect on burn performance so can’t get my head around how this would have changed anything. Do you see a direct correlation between changing values in Move window to output?

I thought I had it. But look at the left side of the house eve area. I have a line that comes out of nowhere, and the chimney doesn’t fit like it does in the artwork in LB

My settings for LINE is 15 speed 9/9 for power.

In the pics below, all I ran was the LINE layer.


I was thinking of the Fast Whitespace setting for GRBL gadgets and lost track of the hardware.

Same problem, though, because (IIRC) LightBurn still takes its fast move speed from the manual Move setting.

It’s happening during the transition between the two engraving layers, where the laser repositions the tumbler faster than the rotary can’t handle. Both engravings look just fine, but the second starts at the wrong place.

I do have another option. Just do a fill and make the house and state of TN it’s sitting in, smaller, and put text somewhere around it. I just ran a small test in that fashion, and worked fine.

I may be misremembering but I didn’t think LightBurn used Move speed for rapid moves on Ruida. But trying to recall it has already tampered with the memory so can’t trust myself.

In any case, the diagnosis of acceleration/speed being the issue seems the right course.

If anyone wants to see the file, here is part of it

I’ll show them this. They’ll probably be fine with it.