Windows or LB issue? Not remembering the path for saving Preview images

Windows 10 (updated) + LB 0.9.22 (DSP Licens)
Steps to replicate:

  1. Create a random project with a few elements

  2. Click “Save project”, and navigate to a random folder to save it there.

  3. Click “Preview” to behold your creation.

  4. Click “Save Image” (Window file exploerer shows)

  5. Navigate to same folder af where the project is saved

  6. Enter a “Filename.jpg” and click “Save”

  7. Now do some modification to your project, like a 2.nd iteration of the design.

  8. Save the project again.

  9. Click “Preview”

  10. Click “Save Image”

  11. Window file explorer opens up, but this time not on the last path you just navitagete to in step 5.
    It shows me an old path from an earlier project, and it’s always the same path.

I use this a lot when making different iterations on a project to show customers different options.

Any tips for clearing that “cache” or a setting I missed ?

Thank you, for great support / forum.

That’s 100% a LB issue - I actually noticed that yesterday while working on some new documentation. It was already on my task list to fix today and it’ll be sorted out for the next release.
If you want to change the directly the preview defaults to when saving an image, load and project, then go to File > Export and just export with any filename to the directory you want. The Preview Save Image is using that configured path - but not updating that path when you save an image.

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