Windows11 update Lightburn hangs

So I was working on a project in Lightburn v1.4 Windows decides I need an update and reboot while I’m sleeping. Now Lightburn just Sits on the LIGHTBURN splash screen and nothing happens. I’ve tried to uninstall Lightburn, reinstall Lightburn, nothing nothing nothing nothing… I hate Windows auto updates!

I need this working ASAP I have a big show to do this weekend and was right in the middle of a design.

Please help.

Yep, windows update sux big time, rarely can you easily find what it is actually updating, I has a series of about 10 updates that I had to rebuild my home network after each one. You can avoid some before they force you to run cumulative updates to get a new feature you want.

Try holding the Shift key when you double-click to run LightBurn.​

One other thing to try: Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to bring up the Windows task manager, and look to see if there’s a hung copy of LightBurn in the list. If there is, select it, right-click, and choose ‘End Task’. If there’s a copy already running, it will try to make that one active instead of running a new one, and if it’s hung, that won’t work.

The strange this is, task manager shows no copy of Lightburn running and or running/hanging. I have to constantly click on the logo until a small popup box appears asking if I want to close or wait.

Update: I let it sit for about 30minutes, came back to check on this forum and noticed Lightburn opened… So I’m not sure what was going on in the background. I have not tried closing/opening again yet - scared to try it. The other thing I DID notice was my NAS had to be reconnected after the Windows Update. My Lightburn files are all stored on NAS. I’m curious if the two are linked somehow.

Thanks for the replies

I would guess at yes, Lightburn might be trying to reload last used file that is on the NAS. Seemes like M$ is too stupid to check if you are running a network and prompt if you want to continue update.

Networked file storage has been a bit of a challenge. We’ve seen several cases of data loss with non-local storage.

One user faced a start-delay and was denied access to files because they weren’t signed into Microsoft.

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