Wireless connection on mac

Hi all, I have a heavily modded k40 with custom controller running grbl.
The controller has an ability to accept raw gcode wirelessly over tcp. I have successfully managed to get lightburn accept a virtual com port on my windows machine by running com0com. But it seems nearly impossible to get similar configuration working on mac.

I was able to connect the stream to my serial port using

socat gopen:/dev/ttys1 tcp:

and I am even able to get various serial consoles or laserweb to talk to my k40. Not Lightburn, though.

Does anybody here have an experience in getting this working? Or is there any way to get lightburn to stream the data directly without any workarounds?

I am nearing the end of my trial and contemplating the purchase, this is the only bit that I found a bit annoying.

Thanks in advance!

It’s possible LightBurn is rejecting that port because it appears the same as Bluetooth devices, and opening those while scanning for lasers on MacOS has caused crashes. Do you see the serial port show up in the list of USB ports (to the right of the ‘Devices’ button)?

If not, go to Help > Enable Debug log, then click ‘Devices’ and click ok to redo the port scan. Then quit, and post the LightBurnLog.txt file in your Documents folder here so I can have a look.

Are you encapsulating TCP in a serial interface?

Does your controller support ethernet?

Thanks for the quick answer, I do not see the device in the selection, I followed the instructions but lightburn froze after starting the scan - I killed the process after about 10 minutes without any response. My mac os version is 10.15.7 in case that’s important. The log is attached as well.

LightBurnLog.txt (100 KB)

it’s serial messages encapsulated in the standard tcp wrapper.

only wlan is supported, it’s facilitated by ESP8266-like chip

From what I can see, it’s a port with no vendor or product ID, which is how I’m currently detecting and filtering out Bluetooth ports that cause the system to crash, so I’d recommend a USB cable for now.

shame, thanks for the quick answer.

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