Wiring Diagram for Ryxon KT332N Controller

From this forum I was able to figure out that I have a Ryxon KT332N controller. Actually I knew the KT332N part because its written on the controller :slight_smile: It was the Ryxon I didn’t know. I have autofocus on my machine and want to disconnect the probe and remove the whole thing. I can follow the wires back, but would like to have a wiring diagram to better understand everything. One did not come with my laser, a OMTech 60W Red/Black, and I cannot find anything online for it. Does anyone have any thoughts on where I could find one?

Have you tried contacting OMTech or whoever sold you the laser, either in email or through tech support on their web site?

I have not. I will. That answer was so much in front on my face that I missed it. Thank you

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