Wiring tip for DIY builds

Tired of running one wire at a time, 4 to each stepper motor etc, and feeding them all through drag chains and cases? I was. Then I found security alarm cable and did a happy dance. Works beautifully!
They have shielded versions as well if you’re so inclined.

Check it out:

Thank you. how soft are these? for drag chains i prefer the softest and thinnest possible wires to support the required amp/volt. laser heads can reach very high velocities during engraving and since stepper driver’s torque is inversely proportional to their speeds it goes without saying that there is a need to keep friction/drag as low as possible.

The comments in the amazon link don’t look promising. The first one states that it’s aluminum core and stiff. Other comments appear to un-recommend this product for typical use, and I’d consider laser cable chains to be atypical.

Those comments don’t seem to match the listed product. It’s not aluminum core. It’s stranded copper.
As far as softness, that’s a bit subjective but I find them to be perfect for my needs. Time will tell how they stand up to regular usage. I just discovered it recently and installed in a new diode laser build.

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