With the latest update big problems with the Z movement

Now with the last 2 updates, the Z movement when it comes down to make a hole no longer goes back but continues to cut and the Z movement returns to its original position only when the whole design is finished. This is not good because now no longer going back the Z axis a hole remains connected to the drawing and then goes back. This software is now unusable do something.

Take a look at the ‘Device Settings’ and post what you currently have set for ‘Z Axis Control’ found in the upper-right of that page.

Does this system have limit switches?

Your description doesn’t say what you’re cutting, what settings you’ve used, or much other than you’re having an issue with Z moves.

Can you show an example of what you’re doing, and how you have the layers set up?

I don’t have the limits of switches, but by trying and trying again, I have disabled optimizations of the Z axis, and now everything works perfectly as before, the Z movement is lowered correctly and after drilling it gets up to go to the next cut.
I use this program that I like very much both for laser cutting but I also use it with the Spindle

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