Wnat to 'grey out' the image

I’m working on a project for a friend. I want to engrave/burn a logo over a wood pattern. The logo is a binary bitmap (back/white) and I don’t want the logo to be ‘full on black’ as it would obliterate the wood pattern below. Instead - I would like to burn it at 50% grey. I’m guessing I could convert the logo to greyscale (from binary bitmap) and then play with the settings - but I’m thinking that may give my logo ‘fuzzy’ edges which I also don’t want. Back in my ‘imaging’ days using film - I could do this with a white dot screen.

I am, of course, realistic enough to know that I maybe can’t have everything I want and have to find an acceptable compromise. I come to the expertise of this forum for ideas.


What sort of laser are you working with?

If the logo is indeed a pure binary bitmap but you want to lighten this up you should be able to adjust the image using Tools->Adjust Image. That should allow one of the dithering modes to get you the rest of the way.

Could you reduce the power for that layer to the percentage producing the result you prefer?

I think @berainlb is suggesting the best option of using a dither for the background.

This should result in a more controllable gray…


I ended up doing taking a different path - but I learned about the dither and adjusting contrast, etc. Thanks for all the ideas! I’m still learning (and struggling) here.


If you use a laser for anything that requires a dpi setting you should watch this Laser Everything video on engraving. It details very well how to get the best possible dpi out of any laser/material combination.

They also speak to one of the Lightburn developers about the dot width adjustment he created in Lightburn which will enhance your engravings. Simplistic wizardry.

Good luck


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