Wont track the frame

I make my settings exactly as they were on a previous burn job that went perfectly. this time the laser makes a grinding noise, it sounds like gears stipping.
I cannot get it to follow the frame space I set. This grinding noise has been happening a lot and most times when it grinds it jumps the laser out of the engraving path. it also is not burning clean clear lines. simple font becomes a mess.
There is NO vibrations, no bumping table, and nothing to interrupt the laser burn. I’ve tried rebooting, changing the settings, and no improvement.
is there a chance i messed up the settings ? Perhaps reset the factory defaults ?
I just want my laser to engrave a simple text line of fonts.

That is not good. :slight_smile: I would go back through the entire initial setup to make sure everything is assembled as directed. This is a mechanical issue, loose belts, things not freely moving or binding, something that is making this sound that will need to be corrected for proper operation, no matter what software you use. :wink:

After that you may also want to check your stepper motor wiring. See if the connectors are loose or damaged. Your motors could be skipping steps which sounds like a grinding noise. I’m not to familiar with that exact unit, but it may also be a stepper driver current issue, if that is adjustable on that machine.