Word sizing bulk

Hi guys

So i have a bunch of fonts all different sizes, is there a way I can size them all the same length but not lose its original Aspect?

Thanks a bunch

  • Select all your various text objects
  • Shift + Make selected items same width

The “Make selected items same width” icon is after the distribute icons in the menu.

You might have to re-align the objects after that, but the objects will now be the same length without losing the aspect ratio.

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Thank you so much, ive been doing it manually!

Nice! I never knew this you could modify the behavior with Shift. How did you discover this?

I tried “Make selected items same width” and it didn’t maintain the aspect ratio, so I did a google search and found another thread on this forum saying to use the Shift key :slight_smile:

Funny thing is, the alignment doesn’t seem to follow the origin, but you can just use an alignment tool, but it’s another step.

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