Work Panels on right side of workspace messed up!

I just bought a laptop to use with my laser, and loaded Lightburn on it. It has a 13" screen, and having trouble with the movable panels on right side. I have library, Art Library, Laser, Cuts/Layers, Move etc chosen on windows, but with the laptop, Library panel won’t dock with the rest, and populates towards the middle left of the workspace screen. I need help figuring how I can get them all docked and locked on the right side of screen, where they are supposed to be. Any help would be appreciated, because the way it is, is very frustrating, and makes my work area very small.

Hi Steve, have you tried going to the ‘window’ tab, top of Lightburn?
select ‘reset to default layout’.
It may give you what you want.
You can then add other bits and pieces.

I believe I tried that, but will try again. It worked, thanks Kris

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