Work space not matching project size

Currently doing a project that is 100mm x 100mm but on lightburn in order to make it fit I have to do 87mm x 40mm. Why are the sizes not matching? I’d every time I try and start a project it says it will cut outside of work area.

Maybe you have to check the stepmm of both axis, in LB you have to go in edit-machine settings and you find a button called calibrate axis. If 87mm was the length in X you have to write 100 in requested and 87 in actual, then press write, same thing on Y

Has this worked previously?

If so, what changed?


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Or maybe you have switched to Inches from mm… or to mm from inches

A Mismatched (non-idential) axis is often a result of using and then not using a rotary engraver and forgetting to shut it off.

In the lower right corner of the main screen in LightBurn an ‘Enabled Mode(s): Rotary’ message appears to remind folks when the rotary mode is enabled.

If this message is not present, I would then look at the Machine Settings in the Console window to ensure that the controller is handling the x axis and y axis identically.

The inches vs mm concern would cause identical scaling problems on both axes.

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