Work to big for bed

hi looking for some advice i have chiness machine rudia controler & lightburn bed size 700 x500
with pass through i want to ingrave a piece wood 200x3000 what is the best why to do this

How big is the engraving you want to do and where do you want to position it?
Screenshot or image would be helpful

This may or not be the case for you, but be aware that while many 700x500 lasers have pass through doors the reality is that you won’t be able to raise the material close enough to the nozzle to get it at the prime distance for optimum laser focus. Some lasers have lens tubes that can be dropped, but many which have them do not drop far enough. You have to buy a longer focal length lens (and possibly lens tube too).

OK, you made me look. :slight_smile:
I have a 700x500, and I’ve never used the pass through, but I just went and measured…

I DO have an adjustable lens tube, but I always run it all the way up (least extension.)
If I open my pass through doors and shove a straightedge in there, the top edge of the opening(s) is about even with the bottom of the nozzle. So it looks like the pass through would work fine with the nozzle setup that came with my machine with a 38.1 or 63.5mm lens.

Other 700 x 500’s may be different but the red&black I have doesn’t look like any problem with pass through height.

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