Working 2 computer

The software on the 2 computers doesn’t have the same settings. I can save a file on one but will not show up on the other one sometimes. the fonts are not the same. Wondering what i need to do?

Can you elaborate on this? What specific settings are you referring to?

What is not showing up?

You need to make sure that the fonts used on one computer are available on the other. LightBurn does not manage fonts. They are installed and managed on the OS.

After setting up some of my libraries on one it’s not showing up on the other one. Some of the projects are not showing up on both computers.

Which library type are you referring to? Art Library or Material Library?

All of these are only stored on the local computer. If you want to have these available on both computers then you will need to copy the files from one to the other.

This would be a similar thing. Files on one computer are not automatically shared with the files on the other. They need to be transferred/copied for them to be available to the other.

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