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Hi…when i’m working with an image i am able to make all the adjustments i need however when i save the job onto my desktop then reopen it in lightburn the layer changes to a fill and it is just a filled area with no image.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

How are you saving the file and how are you reopening it?

In the Cuts / Layers menu, do you have one layer that says Image?

If you have another layer where you’re cutting out the image, if that is set to Fill instead of Line it could be filled and could be hiding your image.

Would you be interested in sharing your file?
If you’re not interested in sharing it with everyone you can send it to me directly. Hopefully I can see what’s happening.

Hi John, i’m using a PNG file from adobe stock.
I have a layer that says image then i save it as an RD file as lightbrn files do not read on our machine.
When i reopen it in light burn the layer is now set to file.


I’ll assume that you’re reopening a LightBurn file.

There is a subtle distinction between dragging a file into LightBurn, Importing a file (this is the same as dragging a file in) and Launching from a file or clicking Open and selecting the file.

Importing (or dragging) will use the Cuts / Layers settings at hand. Opening (or launching from) should apply the settings that went with the file.

You may have ‘Load default layer settings on new or restart’ selected. if the Fill layer is the default, and you drag the image in and it becomes a fill, I could see how that may be happening.

Click Edit - click Settings - click File Settings icon lower left - confirm ‘Load default layer settings on new or restart’ switch setting in other settings - lower right, 4th up from the bottom right corner.

Hi John, so i’ve tried that file open etc and deselected load default layer and it still does the same

Ok, If you’re willing… I’d like to take a look at two files.
The most recent version of the LightBurn project file.
If it’s private you can message me directly with the file. I’ll test it on my computer.

The other file that I’d like to look at is the Prefs file.

Click File, click Export Prefs. Name this something convenient and save it somewhere easy to find.

Add .txt to the end of the file and upload it in a reply here or send it to me directly.

Happy to take a look.

golf ball.lbprefs.txt (25.0 KB)

I am unable to send these files or personally, it keeps rejecting my email

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