Working with multiple laser lenses

Ok, after a bit of testing, it does not appear that there is a bed height that will work for both the shortest and longest of the lenses and I do not actually see a way to export the camera alignment to be able to save or load multiple settings. I have exported the camera calibration (lens correction) in the past and imported it again without issue but I do not see a process or way to export / import the camera alignment.

Does anyone know if this is actually possible or if this is something that might need to be a feature request. For the scenario I am looking at, it would be great to be able to export multiple camera alignment settings so they could be shared across multiple PCs and to be able to select an alignment to load from within the interface. This way I could save a low bed position for the longer lenses and a high bed position for the shorter ones and just load the appropriate settings for the one I am using.

I use a cloud drive for all lightburn files.

Open LB on any computer and they all use the same libraries, settings, source, etc.

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