Would anyone be willing to share some settings to get me started (20w optical engraving)

First time laserist, I have an Atomstack A10 Pro that I have fitted a Lasertree K20 module to. It seems that I am just burning up anything I try to engrave.

This was done at 6000 mm/min, 7% min power, 100% max power, 254dpi, 2.5% overscan, 0 degree scan angle. The 7% is the lowest percentage my laser will actually fire at.

Everything I try seems to either char the heck out of 3mm basswood or not even leave a mark. If anyone can tell me some settings to just use as a baseline I would love to be able to fine tune from there, starting out with something that actually works. I’ve done the material tests in Lightburn and they mostly don’t even leave anything visible?

Of course I used the Atomstack IOS app and engraved a photo from my phone and that came out great without changing anything, but I can’t find a way to see what settings the app actually used, lol.

Is there any way to reduce the max power from 100%.
I don’t have the Atomstack laser I have an Ortur and I adjust the power with LightBurn Cut Settings Editor.

Here is a materials reference from Ortur. Materials Reference – Ortur.
Hope this helps. :smiley:

I was finally able to find a materials test that worked on my laser and I am starting to get it dialed in, about 6000mm at 60% seems to be the sweet spot on 3mm plywood.

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