Would LightBurn for Galvo's rotary support be usable with a 1-axis motorized bed?

I have purchased a generic Chinese fiber laser of the normal split kind (laser source enclosed separately from galvo head mounted on a tower over a fixed bed). I would like to use the fiber laser to engrave long items such as rulers. These items would be longer than the working size of even the largest lens. One option to be able to engrave these items would be to use LightBurn’s print-and-cut feature, similar to how you would for a CO2 gantry laser’s passthrough (in other words, manually split the design into chunks and physically slide the work piece across the fixed bed between chunks). But I am wondering whether it would also be possible to use LightBurn’s rotary support, with the rotary replaced by a 1-axis motorized movable bed such as C-Beam® Double Wide Gantry Actuator Bundle - OpenBuilds Part Store. Obviously I would have to take care of wiring up the built-in stepper driver in the enclosure to the motor on the gantry. Once I’ve done that though, do you think that this would work? Is there something in the math that the roller rotary feature does in LightBurn that would make it not work with a flat surface?

Have you find solution with lightburn?

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