Would more ram help?

In general, I don’t have any trouble with lightburn, but recently I’ve been using several files that are made up of multiple lines to create animals such as bears and eagles. Quite often, when I’m either trying to open or work with these images, lightburn seems to freeze up. The cursor will turn into a blue spinning circle and the the whole screen seems to fade out to a light gray. Sometimes this last only 15 or 20 seconds and sometimes I have to close out lightburn. Is this due to insufficient RAM on my laptop or a graphics card issue? I’m using an HP laptop with 8GB RAM. It only occurs when I’m using these particular types of files with animals but consistently occurs with all the associated animal file types.

Not sure if this is a related issue or something completely separate, but I have run this particular file multiple times.without issue and for some reason I had the issue shown in the pictures on one run. It seems about 6 or 8 passes of the laser completely shifted over left and then there were some sporadic burnt lines that aren’t in the image in lightburn. As far as the actual workpiece, nothing got bumped or moved and I don’t believe that could be the case any how because the image lines back up perfect after the small section that’s off to the left. You could see in the bottom picture, the shift occurs across the entire line about a quarter inch up. The rest of the image burned fine.

I am using an Omtech 80w and USB cable to connect laptop.

Yeah, have more memory wouldn’t hurt. You may be able to inmprove performance by raising the auto-save interval in the lightburn file settings.

The file may have become corrupt when you sent it to the laser.
Have you had any other errors with your laptop? program crashes or wierd restarts? If you laptop uses a HDD it may be failing or you could have a power supply issue. This could also explain why it is slow to process some files.
first thing i would do is scan the drives on the laptop for errors.

I don’t know what and how you are doing your graphics. If you are manipulating a large image, then it has to process each bit… That takes time with a large image…

Unless you image files are huge, I think it’s just process time. My faster pc rolled over dead the other day and I had to move the server into service as my pc… Works fine serving files, but is rather slow for Lightburn.

More rams always helps, how much in this instance I don’t know.

I have software that shows me how loaded the cores are and how much memory/swap space is being used. Do you have any kind of utility that you can run?


I’m not overly computer savvy… Other than task manager, I guess that’s all I got :rofl:.

In general, no issues with lightburn other than these animal files. I have 10-15 of them, they all seem to have issues at times, but no other files.

No clue why the lines shifted in that photo I posted, only done it once.

I would check all the set screws on the Xaxis drive.

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