WOW didn't think it would take that long

Hi Guys I am newto this and I have searched done lots of reading but I am none the wiser.
My ortur master 2 20w is going to take 14 hours to burn a photo of my cat 200mm x 150mm, is that normal ? or have I got the setting all wrong in lightburn, still got 20 days trial left and my impresstion so far is I love this software.
Any help would be warmly wecomed.

Have you actually tested at that Speed & Power (400mm/min & 40%) or you just playing with settings? I think, not sure, that for diode lasers 20W actually means it’s the input power and not output power which might be much lower than that. have you tried 100% power and 800mm/min?

Just my two cents.
Wait for others to chime in.

Try lowering your line interval (DPI) unless you can actually focus your laser to a spot of .085mm. I know mine does not focus better than .1mm.

Doing the math directly:

  • Your image is 150mm wide, 200 mm tall
  • At 300 DPI (0.085 mm line spacing) there are ~11.765 lines per mm
  • 200 mm tall x 11.765 lines per mm means 2353 lines to be run
  • One line of 150mm at 400 mm/minute is 0.375 minutes (about 22 seconds)
  • 0.375 minutes per line x 2353 lines is 882 minutes
  • 882 minutes is 14.7 hours

In short, go faster, or use a lower DPI, or a smaller image. :slight_smile:

You are running at 400mm/min with 40% power. You should be able to increase to 800mm/min with 80% power to cut your burn time in half, or 1000mm/min at 100% power to reduce it even more.

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Hi oz thank you for the pointers I will give those settings a try.
Your the man oz