Wrap a text box around an object

How do I wrap a text box around an object so the text conforms to the shape of the object? I have round parts that I need to put text on that follow as the radius on the part. Correl draw had a function that I used often for this

LightBurn does not yet have this functionality.

It is a planned feature you can vote for here: https://lightburn.fider.io/posts/128/text-on-a-path

Oz - every time I try to vote on that site, it asks for my email address, I type it in and it then tells me to check for the email that will let me log in. I never get that email - could that be due to a cookie or popup problem?

It’s not my site, so I’m not sure, but if you have private browsing enabled or cookies off that would likely mess it up.

The site fider.io site owners sure don’t make it easy to get help with logins. Does anyone know of a tech support email adrees for those folks?

If this is the only one you’re voting for at the moment you can skip it - It’ll happen soon, most likely for the release after the current pending one.

Check your spam folder.

Nothing from fider.io in the spa, folder.