Wrong false cut

I want to cut 4 rectangles with dimensions of 2.84 mm x 10 mm. It starts cutting from the leftmost one. However, as a result of the cut, the one on the left (the first cut) turns out to be wrong. He usually cuts small first. I changed the $100, $101, $110, $111 settings but it doesn’t work. How can I fix this error?. (atomstack a5 pro, windows 10, lightburn 1.0.06) Thanks in advance.
lightburn hata

If you want to keep the cut out square, or put a square hole in something, you can change the KERF setting in the cut menu. this will move the cut the amount you set inward or outward, allowing for the thickness of the actual laser cut to be taken into account.

Ok but my problem is only in one of them. 3 of 4 consecutive cuts are correct, 1 of them (the first cut piece) is wrong.