Wrong measurement unit at my toolbar

How i fix it??

I mean, the decimal point or unit in the text box in the toolbar is wrong.

for example as I attach.

the size of the circle I made should be in cm instead of mm. The size of my work area is 40x60cm. Supposedly the unit for my circle must be 40x60cm instead of 40x60mm as written in the toolbar.

so how do you fix that part?

As far as I am aware there are only two options for scale mm or inches.
It looks like you have set your workspace to mm, in which case you should set it as 400 x 600

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In Picture 2. If I change the Working Size from 40x60mm to working size 400x600mm, then the box I made earlier which is 2x2mm like Picture 1 will be carved to be bigger which is 200x200mm …

It will be a problem when I export images from image editing software into lightburn. For example, I scaled a picture of 10x20mm in a gimp and I exported the picture into lightburn, and the picture that was exported changed the size to 100x200mm.

I feel the decimal point is a problem there. Anyway, I want to arrange so that the measurement reading on the toolbar is the same as the size I engraved.

The “ruler” numbers you see on top and side are in mm. Or rather in whatever units are displayed on the numeric edits toolbar.

Your 2x2 mm square is sitting appropriate near X(28-30) and Y(20-23). What’s your concern with this?

I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve by forcing work size to 40x60mm. It should be sized to your actual work area for your laser. Any other adjustments required to import files correctly should be handled differently, not by hacking working area as that will cause all sorts of other problems.

Work area has nothing to do DPI. A properly defined file should appear the “correct” size irrespective of work area. So for a small area, the image would appear relatively larger than if the work area was very large but the absolute size would be the same.

If this is still not making sense upload a sample image that you think it not scaling properly as well as the .lbrn file that you tried to import into. Will review to see if anything going on.

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