Wrong Position x axis, y move with x after startup

I did a rebuild on my diode Laser and Update lightburn (old version was from January). Now i have a Problem with the axis. I want to engrave a wooden sign and allways during the same letters the x axis gets a wrong position.

Already tried slower feed and Acceleration but with the same result.

Another problem is if i want to move the x axis manual in lightburn also the y axis moves… but only after starting lightburn and only one time. If i press to move x again it works like it should. This only happens with the new version of lightburn.

My setup is Arduino uno with grbl1.1f
Cnc shield v3
Tb6600 drivers running 24V
Nema17 2,2 A steppers
15 and 2,5W Diode Laser
1m x 1m gantry

Regards from Bavaria

If i cut the job it works fine

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