X and Y axis moving twice as far

I have been using this without issues, but stopped for a few weeks while waiting on a new laser. Now the x and y axis decide to move twice as far into the bed as it did before even though I haven’t moved the items I’m cutting at all.

I’m also having issues with the z axis moving down about 10mm between the first and second passes. While I did not have the z axis moving after each pass, I did turn off the z movement entirely and hope that fixes it, I just am not sure why it is even moving in the first place.

If anyone has suggestions on this I’d be greatful!

Did you get a new laser? And by new laser, do you mean an entirely new complete system? If so, did you reconfigure LightBurn with the new device and the new specs of the device?

Do you have homing switches on your machine, and do you zero it when it powers up? If not, and you’re using anything other than ‘Current position’ for the starting point, the actual place the work starts will be arbitrary, and relative to where the laser head was when you powered up the machine.

I just upgraded the laser on the machine.

For some reason some times it moves all the way to the back of the machine when I zero out the orgin and have it set to the very front left. There aren’t currently switches on it.

I have been moving it to the front left and then unplugging it from the computer and plugging it back in and that seems to help, but before zeroing out the home position worked just fine without having to do that.

If you are running GRBL 1.1 or higher, make sure $10 is set to 0. If you are running a version of GRBL older than 1.1, $10 should be set to 2.

This tells the controller to report positions relative to your ‘user zero’ (workspace zero), instead of relative to the machine zero (power on zero).

When LightBurn asks the machine “where are you”, the format it gets the answer affects how far off it thinks it is.

Will do! I haven’t messed with that setting so it very well could be off. I’ll check it when I get home.

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