X-Axis does not cut completely through


Being completely new to Lasercutting, after some due diligence I bought a Neje Max 4 with an E80 module…
Having said that, The mainboard was faulty after about 2 hours of cutting, got it replaced and started cutting leather. That is…

Long story short: The Y axis cuts nice. Even with a variety of focal length (3 mm difference), speed (5-6mm/s) and power (70-80%).
The X-axis not so much. I have to get really slow ( <5mm/s) and crank up power to cut through 1.5mm leather.

The Y-axis cut is pretty neat. The X-axis is a lot wider and more charring occurs.

Is there something I did wrong or have to do in Lightburn to adjust this, or is it me contacting Neje…again ?

Looks like a mechanical issue.

It’s normal that one axis cuts better than the other. It’s caused by the rectangular beam shape. But your result looks quite weird. Did you do multiple passes and those went to different places?

Sadly no. It was 1 pass.

Ran a materialtest on 1.5mm leather.

The y-axis cuts like butter from 50% upwards

The X- axis only at 100%.

Ordered the machine first week of December.
Haven’t had a proper cut yet.

That looks like a really poorly aligned laser module. Factory alignment, not user serviceable. I would send that first picture to Neje and demand a fix pronto. They’ll most likely push back and make you jump thru hoops. Grit your teeth and jump but never stop demanding a proper fix…which (IMO) is a new laser module.

You can try to do the wall test, point the laser at a white wall a few meters away, then check the beam shape. (make sure to wear protective glasses all the time).

Here are some examples what a beam could look like:

I did make a picture this morning. It very much looks like the picture on the bottom left. It does show that the x-axis energy is dispersed I did send an email to neje. I am not going tohold my breath.

Is this head supposed to have 10W? It really looks rectangular there. In my picture above, the top right pictures show 10W lasers with nearly square spots.

This is a low power picture of the laser (out of focus)on the honeycomb with the 1.5mm leather on it. The head is an ‘E80’ and is advertised as 24W…or so

Just checked the description. True, it should have 4x6W diodes. It doesn’t seem that you can’t manually switch between 12 and 24W mode.
Since you only have two visible beams, I guess the module is broken. Two beams are missing, which should make the beam more square. So I think Neje should replace it.

Aaahhh… thanks for the “should be 4 beams”.
I didn’t know that

I will attach this picture to the emails I sent to Neje.



It took some convincing, but Neje sent me a new E80 Laser Module. They have a “simple” process in place where you have to upload a video in which you carry out some instructions.

After promising they would send me a new one, they also informed me when and how they would send it.

I was very unlucky with a bad batch (broken) Motherboard and a broken Laser Module… but after 2 months…I can finally start cutting and engraving.

Thanks for all your effort !