X Axis has gotten off on my machine?

Complete newbie here
Have a Sculpfun s9
win 10
started out doing ok with burning images on wood. today turned on the machine put in my image and hit frame, From the home position. The laser head went north and hit the rails , Made the brrrrrrrr noise.

Decided to just burn this image from current position, hit top left position as start and burned the image ok BUT I had set it to a 2 inch wide by 1 inch high, and produced a 2 inch wide x 2 inch high image.
What did I do >?
I even had my camera set up and dialed in the other day .
No longer I have a X axis problem that I have created . Any help would be great
Thank you !

OMG, I think it would have helped if I Disabled Rotary Control after previous project.
and NO Longer have the Rotary connected !!
My bad !


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