X axis motor grinds but does not move

CD3 with 2 stepperonline DM542T stepper divers and this is (video attached) what I am getting. The Y is good and the X is acting up, it grinds but it does not move. I have tried multiple setting with the dip switches but cannot get it to move. Any suggestions?

My set up is as follows; the laser will be 940x460mm bed size 17HS15-1504S-X1 stepper motors and the DM542T Stepper Drivers. Attached is my config file and a quick video of what’s going on. < scratch this as a new user cannot attach, maybe in the replies

Try swapping the X & Y connector for troubleshooting and see what changes.

I tried it and it still does the same. I even tried a different motor. any other thoughts?

If your motor steps per mm is set incorrectly, or the acceleration or maximum speed is too high, this can happen. It can also be an issue if the motor current isn’t high enough.

What is the same? The same motor on a different axis grinds, or a different motor on the same axis grinds?

Also verify that the wiring from driver to motor is good and connectors are plugged in tight. If any one of the 4 wires to the stepper is open then the motor will growl but won’t move.

All, thanks for all the help!!! It was a bad stepper wire, I grabbed another one from the five pack and voila! It started moving smoothly and quietly.

I just love a story with a happy ending. :slight_smile:

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