X axis moves on Y axis and Y on X with GRBL

Hello. I’m new here and I was hoping someone could help me with a problem I’m Having. I am using an Ortur Aufero Laser 1 and it was working fine, at first. I can’t seem to find anywhere on the internet the answer to this but now, Say I enter “Test” on the X axis and hit print it prints on the Y axis and God only knows it the text will be backwards or not.
I think somehow I changed something not realizing it and I would like to reset it to the default using the $RST=* but honestly, I’m a bit scared to do it and I really don’t know how to do this in Lightburn.Right now I am using the trial version and have 15 days left till my trial ends and before I buy this I’d like to know what happened to cause this. I am using version 1.1.03

The only thing that sounds close to this would be an issue with the “Origin” position in Edit->Device Settings. This should be set to the lower-left position. Check that and change if not already in that position.

Retest and report back.

This is a reset for your laser controller configuration. This is not a LightBurn configuration reset. Did you make any changes in Edit->Machine Settings? If not, then not likely that you’ve made changes to the GRBL config, and not likely any change that would have the symptoms that you’re describing.

If you do want to do this, and it’s a relatively safe procedure for Ortur lasers, you would run this in the Console window by entering the command in the input field.

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