X-axis moves to the right on start-up and don't stop

on start-up the x-axis automatically starts and goes right all the way to the rail and continues to try to run it will not stop or pause with any buttons? what is wrong

A couple of things come to mind.

Since your engraver starts moving on start up, i’d assume it’s trying to home.

Is the engraver head moving toward a limit switch?

If it’s headed toward the switch and it gets to the switch and keeps pushing on it - the switch could be positioned incorrectly, defective or plugged in to the wrong port. I have also seen a few posts about static electricity in the limit switch causing problems with the controller but it’s much less common.

If it’s moving the wrong way (away from a limit switch) there are software and configuration issues to consider.

Can you share the assembly manual here?

I do not have limit switches, i did change computers but it works perfect with grbl

Disable “Auto-home on startup” in your Edit->Device Settings.

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