X-axis not working on Ortur LaserMaster2 GRBL

I am brand new to engraving software. Got my Ortur LaserMaster 2 set up using GRBL controller on MacOS. Sometimes the laser gives me a busy signal, but I think I figured out what gets it to move. However when trying to engrave any design, it only travels in Y axis direction, very little to no X axis movement. When it tries to home itself to bottom left corner, the x axis gear spins but doesn’t move along the belt and makes a skipping noise. Any ideas on what issues could be? I have checked wire connections and everything looks good.

Check to make sure the belt is not too tight or too loose. If it has a lot of slack it could just be the pulley not engaging the motor. If it’s too tight, or the wheels are too tight, it could prevent the axis from moving freely.

that worked, thank you!! Any idea on what the busy signal I am getting can be from? Happy to provide more info if needed. It doesn’t happen every time. I go to engrave a design and it gives me a busy signal

Check the console for error messages if it goes busy - so far it’s almost always from people trying to use origin modes other than ‘Absolute Coords’ without understanding how those work. If you don’t have it set properly the machine will throw an alarm and lock itself so you don’t slam it into the rails.

Read here:

Thank you! For some reason mine is firing now only when I use current position. But it is working

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