X-Carve, Endurance Laser, Lightburn NOT Working

Help please. I finally got my Endurance 10 Watt deluxe all wired and hooked up. I selected GRBL in lightburn and filled in the blanks. I clicked on COM5 but it’s still not communicating correctly. I can’t get it to move or get in to adjust the $$ settings. When I tell it to move it decides it’s busy but never does anything. What am I doing wrong. Thanks.

Do you get any messages in the console at all?

Are you on a Windows machine, or something else?

Windows 10 and this is what I got.

If I type anything in the console it doesn’t respond.

You should see a connection message of some kind after “Port opened”. If you don’t, you likely have the wrong port. Are there other choices?

There is only one port option
available and it matches the windows manager USB/serial port.

Turns out the USB at the laser box doesn’t need to be plugged into the PC. Once I unplugged that my x-controller started communicating with lightburn. Changed a few settings and I think it’s working correctly. I will run some more test tonight. Does anyone know what that USB port is for? Does it power something necessary or is it just for future flashing purposes or something else?

So, are you saying the XCarve is not connected to the PC with a USB connection at all now? That shouldn’t work.

No, sorry for any confusion. I’m saying apparently the USB on the laser box is for focusing purposes ONLY. To control the laser it runs off the x-controller just like with Easel or vcarve.

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