X is inverted, but only from the controller panel?

I lost my controller settings, but, with the help of the vendor, managed to restore them, and now it works nicely, except for one thing: When I use the arrows on the controller panel, the X axis is inverted. It works perfectly in Lightburn, it’s just the buttons on the panel.

Seriously, wtf is going on???

In Edit => Machine Settings in LightBurn, change this, under Vendor Settings:


Thanks, it was driving me nuts!

I got the settings as a series of screenshots (actually, mobile phone photos of the screen) from RDWorks, in Chinese. I don’t know Chinese, I can’t even get my Windows to display Chinese text even if I change language in RDWorks, so I had to shanghai (pun intended) a friend who knows a little Chinese, and together with some online translator, we figured it out with a reasonable level of confidence, but also with some margin for error…

Rest assured, I will backup properly, as well as saving the settings in printed hardcopies…

Even in English their names for the settings don’t always make sense. Happy I could help.

Well, trust me, they make even less sense in Chinese when you don’t know Chinese, and can’t set your system to Chinese so you can’t even match the text by look… :slight_smile: