X moves wrong direction

Would turning the carrier 180 degrees on rails correct this?

Have you seen Newbie - axis backwards ?

Make sure you have the origin point set to the front-left, and that you have properly homed the machine. If it doesn’t have limits or homing switches, you might have to do it manually. Read the part near the bottom of this post about homing and workspace: Configuring a 3018 CNC for use with LightBurn

Thank you, Rick and Oz.

I had looked for similar problems, didn’t find this one until after I physically turned the “X” end for end. Realize I may have to put it back. Lol

I have operated and written G-Code programs for our two head CNC Router with 10 horse motors on each head, for over thirty years. LightBurn gives me a combination of CNC work plus adobe Illustrator which I will never master. While I am pushing my 87th birthday in January I try to keep my mind busy with Leather work, maintaining our log home with my wife, and now Laser Engraving. I bought one of the cheapies, Universal Engraver 3000MW to get my feet wet. Have an extra 27" iMac we weren’t using in our business, it became my dedicated computer for Laser work.

We shall see where this leads me. Who knows, I may even do something that I feel is good enough to present to a buyer at one of the companies we have done business with for forty plus years.

Thanks again, I will probably have other problems.

Marion Ferguson

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