X-Tool D1 User Origin

Hi, I am haing trouble gettin gmy new Xtool D1 20W to execute the user origin. I have the latest firmware updated and clear the origin from the machine before setting the new origin. When I press the origin button the laser shifts slightly but does not return to the location set as the origin.

How familiar with the laser are you? Does the machine work in all other respects?

Are you doing a manual home when you startup the machine?

Decently familiar. I have been using it for a few weeks now. The machine works in all other respects and has no issues going to home or being used as current position origin. When setting up for light burn I used the xtool website and downloaded the required files and it has worked flawless otherwise.

So to confirm, you are able to use the machine with Absolute Coords and you are starting the machine with the head at top-left?

And can you confirm these are the steps you are following?

  1. Clear origin in Fire window
  2. Position laser head where you want origin to be
  3. Set origin in Fire window
  4. Move laser to arbitrary position
  5. Push “Go to Origin” in Laser window

And you’re saying this does not go to the previously specified origin point?

If so, can you do this?

  1. Home your machine (manually or homing cycle) and get position
  2. Move to where you want your origin to be and get position
  3. Set your origin
  4. Move to new location and get position
  5. Push “Go to Origin” and get position

I’m curious what your controller thinks those positions are.

Yes, I can use it in absolute origin. I cleared the origin, set to absolute moved to home, moved machine to random position and pressed go to origin and the machine returned to the back left or machine origin.

Those steps are what I was following with the exception of moving the laser head by hand not using the controls in the fire window.

Once I homed the machine, cleared origin and established a user origin at x-35 y-35 the machine would go to the origin from the home location or from another location if moved using the machine controls in Lightburn (this may be where I was going wrong from beginning). If I move the machine by hand to an arbitrary location and say get location it will say x-0 y-0 and will not return to a user origin from that point.

Okay. It’s the fact that you’re moving the laser head by hand that’s causing the issues. Once “homed” you can never move the machine by hand as the controller will not be able to track position for manual movements. This effectively loses steps and position.

If you use jogging controls exclusively user origin will work as expected.

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:man_facepalming: figures it was just me. Well thank you for your help!

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